I have been a client of Asiyah Roman for five years. I came to Asiyah very much in a life-threatening eating disorder. When it came to understanding proper nutrition, I was very misinformed. Throughout the last five years, I have improved dramatically and Asiyah has a large part in that. She is both gentle and firm and has not only taught me how to have a healthy relationship with food but has also helped me see that I am worthy no matter what the number is on the scale. She and I have a great rapport and I have benefitted greatly from her counsel. I would absolutely recommend Asiyah to others, and have recommended her in the past. She is wonderful at what she does and consistently goes above and beyond in her work with me.

Katy's Mom

Asiyah Roman has helped my daughter so much. she was only 8 years old at the time and got an eating disorder (anorexia). Our journey started out at Alexian Brothers behavioral health hospital with Asiyah and then we continued to see Asiyah weekly after that and now 1.5 years later my daughter is doing so much better and has gained 23 pounds. Asiyah created a meal plan for her and just knows how to get her to gain the weight she needs to grow as a child. We continue to see Asiyah now on a monthly basis. before, it used to be weekly. She is firm for caring all at the same time! My husband, myself and daughter have spent many hours working with her! Thank you so much!

Jane's Mother

I am writing this to let you know how much Asiyah's guidance and counseling have helped us over the past year and a half. Jane[Name Changed] developed a very serious eating disorder at age of 10. After her hospitalization and then outpatient therapy, we began the slow process of adapting to life at home. This was very rough at first and we clung to any tools we could to assist Jane in being successful in the treatment program she needed to follow to continue to stay well and to rejoin her life before her disorder began. Out of all the doctors and health care professionals that we consulted, Asiyah our dietician, was the most influential and proactive for Jane. She set up a meal plan with Jane's preferences in mind, and coached her through the stumbling blocks she encountered along the way. When Jane made progress, she would remind me that it was something she wanted to tell Asiyah. The praise and enthusiam Asiyah showed to Jane gave her such a lift in her spirits. During the times when Jane has struggled, we came up with small, easy to follow SMART goals to try to take the tension out of making appropriate food choices and following the meal plan. When Asiyah suggested we continue to follow a meal plan, even after a year, I was so relieved, as it is what gives Jane the security and reference points she needs, which seem to tone down the arguing and control issues that tend to surface. I have been asked by family members why I continue to have Jane stay under the treatment of her dietician, when she seems fine now and "knows" what to do. I answer this by saying that it is a check in for us, just as getting physicals once a year or going to the dentist every 6 months. Certain disorders, such as anorexia, do not just magically disappear, and require ongoing management to stay on a positive, healthy pathway. We have been able to do this, as I shout for joy and tears in my eyes, because of the support and nonthreatening approach that Asiyah has displayed during this time.


I started seeing Asiyah Roman last year and without a doubt, I could not have accomplished what I have done without her guidance.  Asiyah was very realistic in her approach and didn't ask me to change or try anything that was too significant a change...but due to her efforts, I have lost over 40 pounds without going on a "diet".  We made SMART goals and made tweaks to what I ate and my activity levels and over time, the pounds just kept coming off; I feel younger and more energetic than I have in years.  Whenever I had a setback, we took a step back to evaluate why, and set new SMART goals that made everything seem within reach, which I believe is very important. I recommend to anyone wanting to eat better or loose some extra weight to call Asiyah, you will not find a person better qualified to help you reach you goals!


I am so grateful for having Asiyah as my dietician; she has affected my life in such a positive way. If it wasn’t for her I would probably be checked in at inpatient for my eating disorder. I first meet Asiyah at Alexian Brothers Hospital, when I was there as an outpatient for anorexia I had many routines and rules that I felt I had to follow when it came to eating and I was also abusing exercise. Because of this I had lost my period and was underweight. At first I couldn’t believe all the things Asiyah was telling me was healthy eating  because for 8 years I thought my way was “eating healthy”.  But she made me feel so comfortable and was very easy to talk to that I began to trust her.

It was very difficult to change my ways of eating, but she helped me to believe and trust in what she was saying. Asiyah did not overwhelm me; it was a gradual change in behaviors that she keyed on. If I felt something was too difficult for me to handle right now she was always open to listen to my concern but she gave me confidence to stick with the plan she had for me. In about a month I had regained my period and my body was physically healthy. 

I was at Alexian Brothers for 3 months, and for the past 7 months I still continue to see her every week. Not only is Asiyah very knowledge but she is very considerate to what will help you best.  She gives me very helpful strategies to help me conquer my eating disorder Asiyah challenges me but at the same time does not try to overwhelm me or discourage me to give up on myself. I would recommend Asiyah to anyone struggling with an Eating Disorder!

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